Victory Fish


Two weekends ago we had our first regatta with our new team, and seeing as we had lost almost all of our members and gained only two, none of us really had high expectations for the upcoming race. Especially because none of us had rowed together as a team until the day before the race. I was also a bit new to being stroke seat in a race so my freak out over stroke rate didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Turns out we kick a lot of booty for a new team. We beat our old time rivals (Rumba Rumba, who we always lose to) by one second in the heats and could hardly believe it. It caused a bit of a problem actually, as I was coxing the Men’s boat and stroking the Women’s, and the finals were one right after the other. Since I can’t be in two places at once, we tossed a young Japanese boy in the Coxswains seat for the men. (He actually apologized to me when the Men took second rather than first place in the finals. T_T)

Us women then went on to beat our rivals again in the finals by 1 second, earning us a mildly shocking trophy (seriously look at the photo). Doesn’t have much to do with rowing, but it’s female, and we’re female so It’s all good. We still love it.

We also got to go home with a box of fresh Sanma, which is fish. (Stinky but delicious). I had to catch the Rainbow jet back home, so I got to keep the ginormous box to transport my lovely smelly fish. So. Happy. Seriously, if I was guaranteed a box of fish for participation I would try any sport ever. Even baseball. *Shudders* …Maybe not baseball.

Pretty sure I stunk up the entire boat as I was covered in sweat, rain, and fish blood. The year’s winning combo.

Also, victory fish is the best.




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