Heard You Like Fish

I have a ton of blog catching up to do, but I really just can’t bring myself to actually write about recent happenings quite yet.

Instead, I wanted to make a quick post about a ground breaking sticker I saw recently. Yes. That’s right. A sticker.

This sticker is not like other stickers. It’s extraordinary. It’s game changing. It’s the perfect description of our our island, Oki.

But, before revealing said sticker, I want provide some important background information. All of these have happened on Oki.

2015-11-22 12.22.24.jpg

Enjoy this lovely photo of Oki! This is a decoy photo so the sticker remains a surprise until the end.

First, I want to bring up the fact that we were literally stopped in the middle of a run by a random woman who wanted to give us onions and potatoes. We got bags full.

Second, my Friday taxi man actually ordered me apples from an apple prefecture (strangely worded, I know. I can’t be bothered with it.) simply because I said I was raised on an orchard and loved apples.

Third, I was finishing up at an onsen when an old lady waves me over, incorrectly asked if I was a high schooler, said I was pretty, and gave me a sweet. Also, yes, I had spent the entire previous hour bathing naked with this old woman and not saying a word. Thankfully she waited until I was dressed before talking to me. (This was technically on the mainland. But it was in the ferry port so I can still claim it.)

Fourth, I once mentioned that I liked sake to my taxi man. He gave me sake the next week.

Fifth, I told a taxi lady that her dash charm was cute and she immediately took it off the dash and gave it to me. I am very careful about what I say is cute now. Or what I like. Now it’s generally large, immovable objects.

Last (but not actually last because there’s so many more) is coming home with bags full of food after eating at literally any house ever. Even occasionally when coming home from work.

Moral of the story is, everyone here is incredibly giving. Aaron and I get more than we could ever need. Sometimes it’s a week later from a conversation I don’t remember. Sometimes it’s instantaneous.

Anyway, this picture is pure Oki. I’m the guy in the red.


“Heard you like fish!”


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