Pain Day

Tomorrow is pain day.

Tomorrow is work my legs so hard I actually can’t tell if I’ve broken something or not day.

Tomorrow is curse the world and myself internally (hopefully only internally) day.

Tomorrow is race day.

And the day after that is our anniversary. (Someone come feed us in bed, we won’t be able to move).

Why are we doing this? I still don’t know. I wish I did. But I do know I am ready to get this beast over with. It will be our first half marathon, marathon, and ultra marathon all in one. With only one race under my belt, and a 10K at that, I’m feeling oddly confident. The trick for me is to actually not look at this like it’s a race. I’m going to try to convince myself that I’m just out for a really long run, and lots of other crazy running enthusiasts just happened to run in the same place at the same time.

Good day for a run, eh?!

50K through the mountains, eh?!

80-ish degrees, 93% humidity, and rain, eh?



I’ve actually run more than this but those miles are not recorded. Also, 100 of these miles were in April and May.

After all of our training (which honestly isn’t that much- we didn’t stick to our run-5-or-7K-everyday plan at all), injuries, dealing with injuries, sulking, eating ludicrous amounts of cake, groaning and moaning, and reading about 59,985.3 articles about how to run in general, I’m ready to get this party started. I think.

My gut will likely betray me tomorrow morning.

One thing I am feeling certain of: we can do it.

Many people are setting time goals, but Aaron and I know ourselves and have come up with our race day plan on our own.

Pace: snail in a mud pit.

Goal: finish.

Sub-goal: no stress fractures or other injuries.

Drinking: anything but the terrible red shiso juice that makes it feel like the devil is squeezing my thoat.

Food: eat everything handed to us. Except turban shells and other shell fish. Never eat those. Ever.


ALSO! If you want to show your support, don’t forget we are running for a cause! RICE is a charity to help cure and care for the elderly with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Please check it out! Everything helps!

Just got my running vest today!



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